Friday, September 14, 2012

Through the Grapevine - Art Challenge

This challenge has been extended until November 14th.




"Through the Grapevine"
by Dana Marie

The above challenge was taken at the Historic Deepwood Estates.

I look forward to your paintings!

All artwork should be sent to me at, and should consist of an attachment of a good quality jpg image, cropped to show nothing but the artwork. I will not post out of focus, poor quality photographs.

Make sure your name and website/blog address are included with your submission. Also be sure to include "Artistic Sentiments" in the subject line. No large file sizes please. Do not exceed 1000 pixels on the widest side. Please keep the resolution to 72 also. Thanks.

Three pieces of artwork per artist per art challenge will be allowed.

Please send your image(s) no later than the 13th of October.

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Happy Painting!

~ Dana Marie

1 comment:

  1. Dana -- This appears to be from Historic Deepwood Estate ... If so, we'd LOVE to showcase the work that the artists are doing. Not sure if this is something you would be interested in ... but any way that we can encourage, acknowlege and support artists is a good thing.

    Deepwood Community Outreach