Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Covered Bridge in Corvallis Oregon - Art Challenge

Jan Austin

I love how the curve of the road takes you into the photograph. 
This would make a beautiful winter scene with snow covered ground.

Be creative and most of all have fun!

                                                           Covered Bridge in Corvallis
                                                                      by Dana Marie

                                             - Art Challenge begins Dec 15th and ends Jan 14th.
(Please, read the directions of how to submit your work on the side of the blog.)

With Love,
~ Dana Marie

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  1. Hope you will be able to deal with your blog followers and many wishes for the gallery.

  2. I see this is a covered bridge, not a barn. Silly me. You don't need to post my barn, I will try and find something related. Sorry.

  3. I thought I had lost you forever. Even though I'm really bad at submitting, you started a great blog and I'm glad you're still there. All the best with the new gallery.