Monday, June 8, 2009

Week 31 to 32 ~ Secret Garden

Lupins (12x19, soft pastel on black paper)

Thanks Dana Marie for another great challenge! Sorry this took so long.

Two Palms by Saundra Lane Galloway

Dana and I have already had a chuckle from this offering I have, and so we decided it would be good to post this. You may have noticed it doesn't look ANYTHING like the photograph inspiration this time around. No, you don't have to adjust your IS a painting of two palm trees. I tried to paint the flowers and greenery three times and somehow this was what I finally ended up with. I finally decided not to fight what obviously wanted to be palm trees! It isn't my normal style, but I have often said how healthy it is to do something completely experimental. I believe it clears the brain of all those dusty cobwebs and fills one up with fresh creativity! Sounds good doesn't it! :) So, this little 6"x9" canvas on panel is for your enjoyment!

"002 Violets"

"Secret Garden"
Photograph by Dana Marie

I can't wait to see what everyone creates this week!
Please, add your entries to this post, thank you!

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Have a gorgeous week!

Happy Creating!

~ Dana Marie


  1. Dana, I'm looking forward to trying this one! Sorry I missed the last one, if you stopped by my blog last week you saw I was checking in on my parents in Oklahoma...Now I'm back and ready to have a go at this one!!

  2. Hi Saundra! As always, I look forward to seeing your entry! :) Hope your parents are doing well!

    ~ Dana Marie

  3. Hi Dana,I have just posted my painting inspired by the secret can see it here


  4. Thank you, Sema, Nancy, Saundra, and Lori for your participation and sharing your beautiful pieces with us! I thoroughly enjoyed all the interpretations of this last challenge!

    I hope you enjoy the new challenge, "Vista House"!

    Happy Creating!

    ~ Dana Marie