Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Week 8 Inspiration ~ Boardwalk

I took this the other day when my husband, our 10yr old son, and I took a walk at the Jackson Fraiser Wetlands here in Corvallis. There is others I really like from this particular walk that I may post for future challenges.


I would like to take a moment and welcome our newest members Ikshaa, Leanne, and I don't think I formally welcomed, Matthew!



I have, in the past weeks, moved pictures and information to the post I feel that the particular material belongs in as to keep the blog from being too scattered....so, please, don't take offense if I have done this to one of your posts! :)

Have a beautiful day!

Happy Creating!

~ Dana Marie


  1. Hi Dana Marie!! I have an image to add for this one, but feel so foolish, I can't figure out now how to get back to the screen where I can add it...
    so sorry about that! signed, your non tecchy friend...

  2. So many great photos. Lovely...Urrgh! My Save As finger is itching (whimper). I'm definitely coming in here for inspiration. Thank you, my Angel...and THANK YOU for following my Dream Dimension blog!